Circa 1960s Split Level Goes Glam

With verve, color, gleam and glamour, this formerly PLAIN BEIGE room proves that the MIX, artfully curated and edited gives a stunning result. The decor of this unique 1960’s home is a mix of modern, French antiques, touches of Asian and Ocean and collected Art. Adding mirror to one wall visually expands this narrow living room, and with tons of natural light, this space glows! I color washed the dated orange brick fireplace (one brick at a time!) in Ceramco Metallic Gleams and ripped up ugly Berber carpet to reveal gorgeous oak floors. The walls are a custom buff Venetian Plaster. Each piece is carefully curated for aesthetics and function. The moderne sofa, an Anita Bradley design, sits with French antiques and an Eileen Gray table producing the mix I love!

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