Ready To Re-do? How To Get Started

So, you’ve decided to redecorate. Here are some tips to get you started.

Great design marries form and function. USE COLOR AND PATTERN TO UNITE MULTI- FUNCTIONAL SPACES. The honeycomb patterned rug sets the color scheme in this multi-function room. The grays, creams and green are repeated throughout with a splash of orange for zest.

When you begin a project, buy a notebook. Ask yourself the following questions and record the answers. Use this information as your guideline for the project:

  • HOW will I use this space? Must it serve multiple functions? IN this project, we needed lounging and sleeping spaces. We used a queen bed and deluxe sleeper sofa from American Leather.
  • WHO will use this space? Just you and the family or will you entertain here? Should this space be childproof with hard working fabrics, or is it time to create a luxurious salon with velvets and silk?
  • How much seating will I need? Measure, measure, measure and make a space plan. Grab some graph paper or many product sites like Pottery Barn have simple room planner tools you can use.
  • How formal do I want this room to be? Fabrics, finishes, symmetry, architecture and the style of the furnishings should be considered.
  • Where is the flow of TRAFFIC through the room going to be?
  • How do I want to FEEL in this room? Lighting, color and style all affect the way a room feels. Pay attention to balance and scale.
  • What COLORS make me feel inspired, happy or elegant, or do I want a soothing NEUTRAL look?
  • What are the lighting needs? Ambient? Task?
  • What pieces do I have that I can use and what do I need to buy? Don’t be afraid to mix old and new. Paint an older piece and add new hardware. Move things around. Make a list and prioritize.

Try not to follow every whim or inspiration. ONLY buy pieces that you LOVE, but stick with your guidelines and only buy the RIGHT PIECES for the room. And remember that good design is an investment that will last you for many years, so buy the best pieces you can afford. If all of this seems overwhelming or you just want a little guidance, by all means, hire a design professional. Most will work by the hour and give you as much or as little help as you need. This may save you lots of anxiety and often dollars.

Enjoy your home and those with whom you share it.


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