Ready To Re-do? How To Get Started

So, you’ve decided to redecorate. Here are some tips to get you started.

Great design marries form and function. USE COLOR AND PATTERN TO UNITE MULTI- FUNCTIONAL SPACES. The honeycomb patterned rug sets the color scheme in this multi-function room. The grays, creams and green are repeated throughout with a splash of orange for zest.

When you begin a project, buy a notebook. Ask yourself the following questions and record the answers. Use this information as your guideline for the project:

  • HOW will I use this space? Must it serve multiple functions? IN this project, we needed lounging and sleeping spaces. We used a queen bed and deluxe sleeper sofa from American Leather.
  • WHO will use this space? Just you and the family or will you entertain here? Should this space be childproof with hard working fabrics, or is it time to create a luxurious salon with velvets and silk?
  • How much seating will I need? Measure, measure, measure and make a space plan. Grab some graph paper or many product sites like Pottery Barn have simple room planner tools you can use.
  • How formal do I want this room to be? Fabrics, finishes, symmetry, architecture and the style of the furnishings should be considered.
  • Where is the flow of TRAFFIC through the room going to be?
  • How do I want to FEEL in this room? Lighting, color and style all affect the way a room feels. Pay attention to balance and scale.
  • What COLORS make me feel inspired, happy or elegant, or do I want a soothing NEUTRAL look?
  • What are the lighting needs? Ambient? Task?
  • What pieces do I have that I can use and what do I need to buy? Don’t be afraid to mix old and new. Paint an older piece and add new hardware. Move things around. Make a list and prioritize.

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