I’m going to start this “About” section by talking about you! You probably know what it feels like when you walk into a well designed room. You can sense how everything feels cohesive and put together. It feels just right. But what if you just can’t quite pull it together in a harmonious way!? So often clients say to me, “I don’t know how you do it! Ijust can’t pull it all together.” I always say the same thing: I LOVE this work, I LOVE helping YOU and I follow the principals. PRINCIPLES? Yes, and here they are:


These are the principles of Interior Design and without them, you’ll just have a bunch of stuff! (There are 7 elements too, and those are at the bottom of this page.)

Some of us understand these principles more intuitively than others, some of us have design degrees, but these are the basics no matter who you are. I’m an artist, a maker at heart, and for me an interior is like a giant 3D sculpture you get to live in! Some want it cozy and inviting. Others want edgy and hip, but the principles still apply, and ultimately every client I work with wants one thing: to live in spaces that please, function, inspire and nurture themselves, their family and friends.

I’ve been making art and designing interiors since I could hold a crayon. I love the creative process, and in interior design, I enjoy the collaboration with my client in that process. It takes trust to invite a stranger into your home to tell you what to place where and how to spend your money! I get that, and I promise I’ll bring my knowledge and experience to YOUR home, family and budget, and together we’ll create the home you’ll love aesthetically and functionally.

Having executed interior murals and painted finishes for many years, I found I was constantly drawn to the bigger picture of entire interiors and to the opportunity for deeper client interaction, so in 1999 I opened Bradley Design in the Palace Shops of Ghent, Norfolk, VA. and began offering design services. Continuing today from my home studio gives me the flexible lifestyle I desire.

I love pulling together a mix of furnishings into a harmonious whole – an Eames chair with an African stool, a 1920’s French console with a Pucci print – and I enjoy creative reuse. I consider it a privilege to be invited into your home to help you. I respect your needs, opinion and wants, your sense of color and style and how you want to live. BUT, I’ll introduce you to new design products and concepts, push you to discover new expressions of your taste, provide solutions to design challenges, help you discover or enhance your style, and often save you time and money in the process.

I bring trust, exploration, curiosity, sensitivity, listening, caring, a good grasp of human nature and creative problem solving to my work. I work in many styles but lean towards an uncluttered mix of interesting juxtapositions with effortless function.


Ok, I AM a design geek. If you’re intrigued, OR…If this is all too overwhelming…just call me. You’ll be happy.

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